Guide to Michigan Mileage Reimbursement Rules

While Detroit’s heyday as the economic—and automotive—center of American life belonged more to the last century than to this one, it’s still a great place to drive for work or leisure, and one that’s still proud of its many automotive workers, unions, and manufacturers.

Because of that, you’re probably used to dealing with some sort of car allowance or mileage replacement for work, either for yourself or the employees you manage.

Long known as the heartland of the United States’ legendary auto

What Percentage Of An IRS Car Allowance Is Gas?

What percentage of a car allowance approved by the IRS is gas? Many variables factor into the amount you may receive for a car allowance. The gas price is just one of these, although it is more heavily weighted than some of the other variables. This article will explore some typical car allowances approved by the IRS and discuss whether or not there are any stipulations from the IRS on how much of a car allowance can go towards gas.

IRS Car Allowances: What Are They?

Car allowances are any sor

How Much Is A Typical Car Allowance For A Salesperson?

What is the typical car allowance for a salesperson? The answer is straightforward yet unsatisfying: the usual amount varies widely according to geographic region, industry norms and standards, and macroeconomic factors like transportation and fuel prices. There are as many ‘typical’ car allowances for salespeople as there are manufacturers and suppliers that employ them.

That’s the long answer. Fortunately, we can reduce the complexity by relying on a few rules of thumb. If your job requires y

Celebrate Pride with Lockheed Martin

Celebrate Pride with Lockheed Martin is a swirl of energy, emotion and observation that takes the reader across the world on a Carmen Sandiego–like journey as well as deep into the complexities of modern queer life. Unabashedly sexual, and embracing a wide range of styles and tones, Byrne’s poems move easily from lines of love and desire to sharp critiques of capitalism and war, and the co-opting of queer culture by them both. These are destabilizing poems, poems filled with glittering imagery a